Lake Restoration

Assisting the government in beautifying the Durgam Cheruvu Lake

In partnership with Telangana State Industrial Infrastructure Corporation Ltd. (TSIIC) and Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC), Hyderabad’s iconic Durgam Cheruvu Lake has transformed from an algae ridden waterbody to a healthy lake, by extensive cleaning of the stubborn water hyacinth, laying of walking and jogging tracks, surrounding it with plants, curating an open gym and play area and transforming it into a city landmark.


Empowering the nation through education

Empowering the nation through education at Mindspace, we recognise the importance of education, and launched ‘Teaching Tree’, an initiative to provide quality education to marginalised children.

Teaching Tree

This initiative covers teacher training programs, an annual carnival which sees a display of artefacts made by the children and book collection drives - which have set up libraries in schools.


The Teaching Tree Carnival

We undertake an annual affair where we display the handmade artefacts by the students, which never fail to charm our employees.

Employee Volunteers

Our employees are encouraged to volunteer time to teach, guide and mentor students, and shape their future.

Book Donation Drive

We have set up libraries in schools with books collected through the drive at Mindspace.

Key Initiatives

Room to Read

Impacting 5,552 children by upkeeping and running of libraries in 30 schools in Mumbai during the period April 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022

DEEDS Public Charitable Trust

Runs basic English literacy course for hearing impaired students from class V to X across 10 schools in Mumbai and the nearby suburban areas. The initiative employs differently-abled teachers to teach the children. The funding from Mindspace has helped DEEDS to pay a respectable salary to eight deaf teachers who are part of this unique training program.

Financial assistance to disabled soldiers

Funding for the Queen Mary's Technical Institute that provides skill training to disabled soldiers and their family members. The funding helped in upgrading the training facility with latest training equipment and machines along with enhancing campus infrastructure. 130 soldiers have benefited from this.


  • Five ventilators donated to Pune Municipal Corporation's – COVID Hospital, Baner
  • Diabetic Association of India towards SL Raheja Hospital for CT Scan Machine and other equipment
  • Assisted MMRDA with relief material, which was distributed amongst flood impacted villages in the Konkan region
  • Invested in a COVID-19 care and vaccination center at Mindspace Juinagar and Mindspace Commerzone Kharadi


Gambiraopet School

Worker Welfare


Some of our key employee engagement initiatives include:

An organization sponsored initiative towards improving Employee Mental Health and wellbeing. We partnered with 1 to 1 help, a leading Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider. Employees can reach out for assistance on personal, work life, stress management, relationships, anxiety management, parenting, wellness coaching, diet planning, lifestyle management etc.

We know how difficult it is for people to return to professional careers after a period of unemployment. They could have taken a work pause to care for an aged parent, taken extended maternity leave, or for any other reason.

Relaunch is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to restart your career. This is the ideal platform for you to establish a successful second career and effortlessly return to the corporate world. The training will enable you to close knowledge gaps and realize your full potential.

We place high priority on business analytical skills that are generally timeless, making it feasible to return to work after a break. Candidates who have been out of work for a while and want to get back into it are invited to apply for positions with us.

We have implemented an adoption assistance policy that provides financial assistance to employees during an adoption process. In addition, this program also offers paid leave for the adopting parent employee to enable them to bond with their child. This policy is applicable for the adoption of maximum two children.

We believe in an inclusive work culture, which embraces differences and encourages employees in being who they are. Staying true to oneself and being proud of who we are is important. The Pride Side Policy has been introduced to provide a framework to encourage employees and be supportive of their choices. This policy includes zero discrimination in hiring, providing financial support in gender reassignment surgery, adoption assistance benefit extended to the LGBTQ employees.

Our maternity support program, Aanchal, is an initiative to help new mothers in having a healthy work-life balance while they prepare for the arrival of their child. The program supports expectant mothers to achieve work-life balance and helps them conquer challenges by empowering them in their personal and professional spheres. Furthermore, we make onboarding the mothership a comfortable experience by providing creche facilities and day-care centers, reduced working hours in the first month after resuming work responsibilities, and professional counselling sessions on transitioning back to a working routine.

Shikhar – Hi-potential talent development - Our organization is committed to investing in Hi-Potential Leaders, defining their growth trajectory, and developing them to take on leadership roles in the future. That is why it is important to provide an environment where people can share their ideas and opinions. Sensing employee needs and responding with a plan that provides meaningful purpose and values for them is the first step in talent transformation. It also creates a link between how we present ourselves as a Group and how we meet our employees' expectations.

Integrating new skill sets inside an employee’s learning experience can play a crucial role in democratizing access to possibilities in today’s business world, where digital technologies are rapidly transforming the methods in which organizations do business. As we are continuously organizing ourselves to become a future-ready Group, we have put together a yearlong development program for a select group of high-potential employees. This puts them on a fast-paced professional path where they can hone their talents and improve their performance and leadership.

We provide Executive Coaching to develop senior professionals to be strong leaders within the organization through a 6 to 8-month coaching journey focusing on specific leadership skills. This is a development program focused on high potential employees. It includes personality and belief assessments, qualitative 360 degrees assessment and individual feedback and coaching sessions.

Workplace conflicts are unavoidable. Indeed, it is stated that having a grievance gives one a reason to live. Unresolved complaints are like loose cannonballs in a ship; if not properly managed, they can sink the ship. A grievance redressal procedure that is clear, transparent, swift, robust, and confidential can successfully help handle workplace issues and perhaps go a long way toward bringing harmony to the workplace. Therefore, we have set aside one day every quarter dedicated as eConnect – Grievance Redressal Day wherein employees can connect with the Human Resources Team, on any area of concern.

These sessions were done online when people were working from home during the pandemic, to give employees a digital platform to contact HR in case of any grievances or concerns.


Tenant Engagement

At Mindspace REIT, we invest in the welfare of our discerning clients. We strive to fulfill their evolving requirements by creating opportunities for camaraderie and engagement. We go the extra mile to deliver a sense of pride in association with our Business Parks, and host several engagement initiatives.

  • Sports engagement
  • Celebrating Friendship
  • Festivities

We recognize tenant satisfaction as one of the most important aspects of our business. Our tenant base includes large multinational companies from across the world. To enhance their experience, we constantly explore ways to enhance the quality of services that we provide to our tenants to meet their needs and expectations. Our efforts include providing high-quality workspaces by closely engaging with our tenants to understand their growth needs.


Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)

For us, it is of paramount importance to ensure the safety of all our employees. We are fully committed to the occupational health and safety aspects within our organization. Therefore, we continuously assess and improve our OH&S systems and protocols to prevent health-related risks. During the pandemic period, we used video communication modes to demonstrate health and safety Standard Operating Protocol (SOP) to all our employees with a purpose to continuously promote the awareness on operating safely to prevent hazards.

Our OH&S practices include the following:

  • Promoting safe and healthy behavior as a core value in the organization’s culture
  • Providing training and information to enable all our people to work safely and competently
  • Promoting safety awareness among all employees, workers, customers and vendors
  • Appointing 3rd party consultants for regular improvement of the safety aspects of our business
  • Developing and implementing effective management systems to identify, minimize and manage health and safety risks across all projects
  • Carrying out risk assessment for all activities and take precautions to minimize the risk
  • Implementing risk control measures at all sites to mitigate incidents
  • Recognizing and rewarding good safety performance and achievements throughout the organization

We are committed to providing a safe working environment to our workers, vendors, and visitors. We have a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) procedure in place to help us achieve our goal of being a leader in safe work environments and practices. Our operation, maintenance, and service engineers receive HIRA and Job Safety Assessment (JSA) training on a regular basis. Furthermore, we identify major improvement areas for worker safety through our internal audit process. The British Safety Council has certified us – confirming that our safety, health, and environmental management systems reflect applicable statutory obligations in accordance with the internationally recognized standards as we seek to execute them successfully.

The British Safety Council awarded Mindspace REIT with the 'SWORD OF HONOUR' for its business parks.

The Sword and Globe of Honour awards recognize and reward companies that have excelled in health, safety, and environmental management. Only organizations who have achieved the top grade in their Five Star Audit are eligible to apply.

We receive 5-star GRESB rating in development benchmark scoring 94/100, it has been ranked 4th in Asia office for development benchmark, in the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) assessment, and has achieved 4-star rating, scoring 81/100 for standing investment benchmark.

Ramping up our Pandemic Response

The last two years have tested the world for resilience. Despite that, we made constant efforts to meet the expectations of our stakeholders. Our unwavering focus and relentless perseverance of employees at Mindspace helped us to build a sustainable business model.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, a once-in-acentury health and humanitarian catastrophe has impacted businesses worldwide. Through this challenging period, we have closely worked with our tenants, employees and communities to support them during the stringent nationwide lockdown. We understand the impact of the pandemic on the lives of people, and as a responsible organization, we implemented various initiatives to ensure that our stakeholders are taken care of in such testing times.

Employee-focused Initiatives

Reach Out

Reach Out is an initiative towards employee mental health wellbeing in association with 1to1help, which is a leading Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Provider. The initiative is an entirely entity sponsored initiative wherein employees were given access to seek professional counselling on 1to1help platform for themselves and their families.


On the physical wellbeing front, we partnered with Ekincare to provide our employees medical consultation through the app in the times of need. Through EkinCare, our employees can avail medical advisory services, home isolation guide for the ones who had tested COVID-19 positive, and nutritionist assistance, among others.

Tenant-focused Initiatives

We conducted regular interactions with tenants for understanding their concerns and requirements during the pandemic.

We showed strong commitment towards providing a safe working environment to our tenants through measures such as:

  • Dedicated COVID-19 Help Desk
  • Vehicle Disinfectant facility
  • Regular and frequent sanitisation and fumigation of premises
  • Dedicated paramedic center with isolation rooms
  • Thermal screening of everyone entering the premises
  • Touch-free auto sanitizers
  • Ambulance facility in most the premises

Community-focused Initiatives

Mindspace Business Parks REIT ('Mindspace REIT'), handed over an entire floor constructed at the Kondapur District Hospital, Serilingampally, Telangana, to the Honourable Minster for Finance, Health, Medical, & Family Welfare Sri. T Harish Rao.

With this, the hospital, which earlier had Ground +2 floors, spread across 67,071 sq.ft., now adds a 3rd floor and 22,357 sq.ft. of additional space with 118 beds, taking the hospitals space to 89,428 sq.ft. The hospital will now have the capacity to host 218 beds, equipped to treat a larger number of patients.