Strong Corporate Governance

Corporate governance is at the core of our business. We aim to strengthen our governance structure to ensure that our business practices are ethical and reflect the best interests of all our stakeholders. We have intertwined a culture of integrity, transparency and ethics in our organization to generate stakeholder value that lasts. While we are committed to conducting business with the highest standards of corporate governance, the resolute commitment of our employees, leadership team and business partners enable us to build a responsible entity.

While we aspire to promote responsible practices throughout our value chain, our constant focus remains on strengthening our corporate governance, since it is the backbone of our persistent success. We have experienced governing bodies with robust processes and policies to implement strict adherence to the compliance framework. Furthermore, we endeavor to promote diversity and inclusion within our governance structure as well. To this end, our governing bodies have qualified and highly experienced members across different age groups.


Ensuring Transparency and Accountability

Accountability, fairness and transparency with all our stakeholders are the guiding principles of governance framework of Mindspace Group aimed at creating sustainable and long-term value for all stakeholders. The Executive Committee, which primarily comprises of Board members and management team members, oversee the implementation of strategies, conducts periodic reviews vis-à-vis set objectives, and suggests course correction in case of deviations. The Govering body periodically reviews the ESG strategies and implementation.

We believe a firm governance structure plays a pivotal role in managing our business, drive performance and create value responsibly. The various processes, policies and trainings set the foundation for delivering on our ESG priorities and assessing the way forward for the business.

Our Board diversity, training on governance practices and governance-related focus areas are listed and detailed here:

A Diverse Board

Comprises experts from finance, tax, accounting, investments and business backgrounds

Marked by age and diversity

Board's Involvement in Strategy and Policy Formulation

  • Decides the priorities, sets goals and objectives for the management
  • Considers and approves management proposals around strategy, policies and budgets
  • Oversees implementation of the strategy by the management through periodic reviews
  • Considers and approves the business plan and assesses deviations thereof

Ensuring Independence of the Board

  • Majority of the Governing Board is independent
  • Majority members of most of the Committees of the Governing Board including the Chairperson are independent
  • Independent valuer undertakes valuations of all properties on half yearly basis
  • Sponsors and sponsor groups are prohibited from voting on related party transactions in which they are interested

Adoption of Fair Accounting and Business Practices

  • Appointing statutory auditors from the 'Big four accounting firms'
  • Mindspace Group and Asset SPVs have adopted Related Party Transactions (RPT) policy as per which all RPTs are undertaken at arm’s length and in compliance with applicable laws. These are approved by the Audit Committee and disclosed to stock exchanges where units of Mindspace Business Parks REIT are listed, and to unitholders
  • Detailed quarterly financials prepared and disclosed to stock exchanges

Strategic priorities

Technology and R&D focus

As automation moves to higher levels, many systems and sub-systems in the vehicle will get 'smarter' and need computing intelligence, in-situ memory, and closely integrated sensing and actuation functions.

Kiran Manohar Deshmukh

Group CTO